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It is an immense honour to facilitate yoni massage healings. I followed a very strong calling to walk this path and it elevates, to new realms, my sacred service of holding space for women and gender diverse people in their deep inner work.


 Yoni is a Sanscrit word for vulva which translates as sacred space, this meaning alludes to, but only barely touches on the immense power a woman's body holds and may be accessed when she in conscious connection with her yoni, cervix and womb.

This sacred area also holds the energetic residue and body memory of adult and childhood sexual traumas, limiting beliefs such as the female body being only of value if validated by men or for male pleasure. These experiences and beliefs diminish a woman's connection to her own innate power.

Yoni massage begins to gently and reverently clear and release such beliefs and body memories to bring women back into alignment with their higher self and create a flowing connection to the creative power held within the body. It transforms the experience of pleasure and of presence within one's body. 

I gently weave a ceremony of healing with yoni massage techniques, shamanic practices and energy healing in which women reclaim their body and entire being as sacred and sovereign. As home.

Sessions are approximately 3 and a half hours and $385, they are individually crafted as a ceremony of reclamation of the sovereignty and sacredness of your body temple. After discussion and breathing and grounding practices, relaxation begins with a full body massage.

Yoni massage will proceed only when you are fully ready and only with your very clear consent. Though orgasm may occur, it is not the goal. This is about healing, not about outcome or sexual performance. The focus is the healing of the relationship with one's own body and sexuality. Every session is different but all require a willingness to surrender expectation.

There is a potential for deep releasing, deep peace and healing through yoni massage. Yoni massage is an investment in your self love and self care. It is a deep healing experience requiring readiness, willingness and trust.

Nothing less than a full body YES! 


With this in mind, I offer a complimentary 30 minute conversation by phone to tune in to the readiness within.

This conversation is a prerequisite to sessions, I don't see anyone I have not had this conversation with. It is an important preparation and requirement prior to all sacred yoni massage sessions, please book your conversation here...



Sacred Pause

Sessions are currently on pause while I attend to my own healing following an accident in January. I look forward to holding space for this powerful work when I return. 

To be notified when sessions resume, email me at and add 

"session waitlist" in the subject heading.

Who is sacred yoni massage for?

Yoni massage is for women and gender diverse people born with a yoni who....

  • Are ready to move the story of abuse and trauma from their body.

  • Find they disassociate when they are sexually relating.

  • Feel ready to release patterns and walls of protection which no longer serve and inhibit deep connection.

  • Have done the talk therapies to address abuse and trauma and are ready to release and transform the  last layers, the cellular memory from their body.

  • *Have not felt their body is their own to enjoy life with

  • Have been fed the lie that a woman's body is a commodity for men's approval and pleasure.

  • Are dedicated to their path of healing and are eager to create new neural and body pathways for their sexuality.

  • Feel a full body yes about offering themselves self love practices which heal and transform.

  • Are passionate about doing the work to heal themselves and in doing so heal the seven generations who came before and the seven generations who will come after.

  • Resonate with transformative healing practices received in a personalised sacred ceremony.

  • Want to fully inhabit their body with presence and power.

  • Want to welcome their whole body into their experience of pleasure, not just the genitals.

Are ready to change their relationship with their body and deepen their connection to their yoni and womb power.

Why am I so passionate about yoni massage?

This ancient healing practice holds the power to guide those who receive to...

  • reclaim the sovereignty of their body

  • be fully present in their sacred vessel

  • release stored trauma 

  • Face the fear of facing their fear of the past and clear it

  • Integrate their yoni and sexuality as a sacred portal to the divinity within.

  • Release old pain patterns


I'm excited to share with you this beautiful yoni massage testimonial from Julie.
Of all the sessions I have held space for, Julie's has been the most profound, both for me as a yoni massage practitioner and for her lasting and immense healing as a client.

She came to me after working with great dedication for many years on her past issues.
She was really clearly guided by her higher self that yoni massage was what she needed to do next for her healing journey, though she was understandably nervous about being so vulnerable... 

"I was very nervous when I made the decision to have a yoni massage with Wendy.
This was a decision based on a deep and growing sense of knowing, from my own explorations into the physical manifestation of pain in the body. A knowing that the years of lower back pain I had been experiencing had a deeper and more emotional component than merely the physical.

I was at once put at ease by Wendy, who clearly holds a wise and secure space for what is deeply intimate work.
I felt held, safe and accepted, which allowed for truly transformational changes to occur.

From the beautiful, warm and interesting home into which she welcomed me, to the integration and completion, I felt honoured and relaxed, if not a little amazed.

I immediately felt that this experience would manifest in my life as shifts, however I was not prepared for those shifts to be so immediately noticeable.
On my morning walk, the following day, when tuning in to my body, I realised that below my waist felt lighter, freer somehow and that the usual pain I felt was no longer there!
I felt like I was walking on air..literally.. and on many levels, not just the physical.

As a woman who has lived 50 or so years with the ghosts of certain hurts often haunting in various guises, I realised that those ghosts had been exorcised by Wendy in the healing ritual space she created.

I recommend this healing with Wendy highly. In this time of great change where the feminine is awakening, we women, whether maiden, mother, maga or crone, look to other women to assist with the deeply personal healing of the yoni.
Wendy assists this healing beautifully.

Thank you so much Wendy for the medicine you bring to the world."

Julie S.

(At the time of writing her testimonial,three months after her session, Julie remains pain free)

From the moment I first heard that Wendy was about to begin offering Sacred Yoni Massage, my whole body screamed "Fuck Yes".  
When I arrived at Wendy's beautiful space in the hills, It was this beautiful mixture of emotions and as I stepped out of my car and into her embrace, I felt then, as I do now, completely honoured, welcomed, respected and loved for showing up and being exactly who I am. 
I first met Wendy a few months back and was instantly drawn to her warmth, grace and nurturing nature. 
Wendy's devotion and love to the feminine is expressed in every facet that is her. From her beautifully nested space, to the strength in her unwavering voice, to the wisdom in her words, to the presence and knowing in her touch. 
She is grounded, and grounding and through her work, serves as a guide back to self. 
Wendy's sessions are a gift, that ignite and stimulate all of the senses. She helped bring me back home, back to my body, back to the source and back to my truth. I felt held, witnessed, embraced and empowered in every moment.
Wendy, I cannot thank you enough for the sacred space you have held for me, and the space you continue to hold for others. You are a healer, a medicine woman, a womb witch, in service to Her and I truly thank you. 
Tara Ritchie

Wendy held a space, a sacred temple in which I felt safe to experience and explore. All is welcomed. I felt a flow and wave of energy move through my being as a reconnection and remembering occurred. A reminder of my sacredness. Healing of the past and present for the highest good of all. A deep and nourishing experience one which I am very grateful for, heart felt thank you.

Sage N.

From the moment I walked into Wendy's space I felt welcomed and safe. Her home felt like a temple and in her presence I felt like my body was revered as precious and sacred. I had never experienced a yoni massage from someone who was not a lover, before and yet I felt very relaxed and open to receive- thanks to the great presence and professionalism Wendy offered me. She took her time to prepare my whole body to receive. First, with a full body massage, and then to my yoni which also was offered in stages. She was very knowledgeable and informative and offered me deeper insights into my own body, which I deeply appreciated. I am very grateful to have had this experience and will certainly be returning to explore myself more deeply and to heal any sexual shame or trauma I may still be carrying in my yoni.

Phoenix Onesong Marolda

I highly recommend Wendy and her yoni massage healing sessions. Wendy holds an incredibly safe, sacred space.

At all times I felt comfortable and open, able to go on my personal healing journey within the session, despite not having done this modality before. 

Having not felt like my creative usual self for weeks, my writing has finally begun to flow again. I've also had a couple of other deep shifts within my work situation, my family and my healing practice. It was incredible how quickly the shifts came after the session and in line with my intentions. 

So wonderful! Thank you Wendy!

Amanda F.

I’d first heard of yoni massage 5 years earlier but had only started to feel ready in the last year. As the calling became stronger I began searching for a practitioner I could feel fully comfortable and supported by. When I saw Wendy’s brochure and then met her at Seven Sisters Festival, I knew she was the one for me! When my session came around I had very big intentions and felt a great “rightness” about my decision, but I was still very nervous. Wendy did an amazing job holding space for me and helping me to feel as comfortable as possible. The session was a very beautiful and ceremonial experience, and I felt very relaxed and sensual afterwards. Interestingly, it took me another two weeks to “dance the full spiral” (as Wendy so beautifully put it) to understand how my intentions have manifested and to see with clarity how deeply transformational the experience has been. I am very grateful to Wendy for facilitating such sacred work in such a beautiful and supportive way!

Sarah ‘Sunflower’

What a joy to receive such a beautiful testimonial from a recent yoni massage client. I am blessed and honoured to hold space for some truly amazing women and their healing journeys. These words are from Kirsten, a Melbourne hynotherapist, who works with many women who have experienced traumas and understands from both sides of the fence the importance of a well held, safe space.

"They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This was my experience with Wendy. I deal with other people's trauma and “damage” most work days, and I certainly had worked through plenty of my own. What I had forgotten though, was that no matter how much I intellectualised my wounds, processed them emotionally, there is still so much trauma & tension stored in our bodies.

I was now ready to take the next step & work through this directly. It took a lot of self prompting, deliberation, doubt, & self coaxing – which I feel was totally natural in the circumstances, and another way of knowing this was me, giving myself permission to do things at my pace. This was a new way of relating to my own needs.

At the start of the ritual, my chosen word was “ownership”. I was seeking the right for ownership over my own body, my emotions & experiences. This was something I had rarely experienced in my nearly 50 years on the planet, especially sexually.

By the end of the ritual, my word changed to “sovereignty” – not just ownership, but popping that crown on and taking reign. Talk about empowering!!

Wendy has an amazing gift. She provided the perfect space for me to transform decades of stored trauma into power. Feeling the blocks crumble and lose their grip, feeling a new strength & vitality take their place, was nothing short of amazing. So much has changed since my session, and continues to change (and I feel it will continue to do so, for the better).

I highly recommend Wendy to any woman seeking healing & empowerment from sexual trauma, but also to women who want to get to know their bodies better. Enlightening. Empowering. Respectful & totally professional."
Kirsten Harper


Some words from my marvellous teacher

Mangala Holland

I'm so glad I listened to my intuition.

Way, way back in 2015 a very special woman messaged me about intimate bodywork.

We had some discussion in 2016 about training but the timing wasn't right....and then this year I announced my retirement.

But this shamanic powerhouse was doing ritual and getting the call to do this work. She reached out to me in March and my answer was a firm no...

And then.....a few months later I kept getting this message-

I need to train Wendy, I need to train Wendy....

So here we are, a few months later.

The last few weeks have seen some incredible portals of power and healing during our training sessions. 

We've had a lot of fun sharing our magic together in these spaces, along with our wonderful models, all of which are practitioners in their own right.

I'm SO glad I listened to the calling. Although I know I'm absolutely not meant to be doing this work any longer (and am not opening my doors for more training!) it's been wonderful to spend time in the yoni-space. Deep magic happens there.

This woman is wise, grounded, steeped in her own deep wisdom and a space-holder extraordinaire.

 Mangala Holland

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