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Women's Sacred Circles

"...In the circles where we face ourselves,

we listen like a miracle,

and I reclaim the song which is mine....."

Janice Mirikitani

The first time I sat in circle,I knew I was home.

The first time I held space for a circle of women I knew I had found my soul's purpose.


Women's circles are a richly transformative experience of empowerment,trust and acceptance which deepens over time. Circle offers an opportunity to be fully seen and fully heard,to speak your truth from your heart and listen with your heart as other women speak. Trust, respect, safety, confidentiality, self love and sisterhood are just a few of the many blessings of circle. Ensuring these qualities are your experience in my circles is my priority as a circle facilitator with over a decade of experience.

Circle and sisterhood is an amazing, crucible of alchemy, while I could share with you at length about the benefits of circle, here are some words from women who sit with me regularly, about the circles I hold space for...

I feel truly blessed to have met and shared sacred space with Wendy Bennett. She listens and supports without judgement, she listens with her heart, from grace. It is beautiful to be fully heard. Wendy will offer advice and guidance only on request. It is always for your highest self and greatest good. I feel Wendy is an inspiration of truth, nurturing and true womanhood wisdom. ~ Jacqueline Glen

Sitting in sisterhood guided by Wendy is the most precious thing you can do for yourself and all sisters ~Susie

Give yourself the gift of circle, you will be blessed and transformed in ways you never expected...

I look forward to sharing the magic with you at one of the circles I hold space for. Countless times over the years I have seen women come to love themselves more through the witnessing of others in their truth and vulnerability in safe, sacred space. It is the alchemy of sisterhood and I invite you to join me as we weave the magic of circle.

Temple of the Womb


Temple of the Womb is a monthly circle, your opportunity to gift yourself a nurturing experience, to gather and share with sisters in a safe and sacred space and explore the relationship with our own bodies and cycles and our place in the greater cycles. This circle is well suited to those who are in their bleeding years and peri menopause. However, those who are no longer bleeding are also welcome as all women cycle with the moon and after menopause and hysterectomy and the womb/moon connection continues.


NB: Circle is currently on a sacred and spacious pause

 for details, bookings and enquiries and be put on the interest list


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