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Holistic Pelvic Care

Distance Session via Zoom

Holistic Pelvic Care Distance sessions via Zoom are powerful sessions within their own right and offer an alternative option to in person HPC sessions. 

These HPC Distance sessions incorporate talk therapy, body wisdom and somatic therapy, Holistic Pelvic care and energy healing within a clear and sacred container. 

Within this powerful modality, I see three clear layers of Holistic Pelvic Care, the first is the energetic, the second is bodywork with belly massage, the third layer, if a client is feeling ready, is all of the above and intravaginal HPC techniques. 

This session encompasses the energetic medicine of the first layer of HPC and can be accessed from any location with zoom.

Utilising my Holistic Pelvic Care, shamanic practices, energy healing and somatic skills, I create a connection which allows the healing to flow through me and to the client, no matter where they are located. 

Working with the client's specific intention, the healing is customised and channelled to them during the time of the session and we work together in connection with the body's wisdom.

Connection to, and communication with the womb and ovaries in Holistic Pelvic Care distance sessions offers potential for much healing and balancing.

The biggest difference to an in person Holistic Pelvic Care session obviously is there is no physical body work, however there is still powerful potential within these sessions.

*It is important to note that at no point in distance sessions will there be any energetic intra-vaginal work.  All energy work, connecting with the womb and ovaries is done via an energetic connection to the abdomen.

The energetic work is powerful and deeply healing. The somatic practices I lead clients through invite them to explore what they find within and work with the body's felt sense to create change.

Healing occurs across all timelines and these sessions have the potential to offer healing to not only your present self but also to your younger self and to the people in your lineage.

In some cases, within a series of specialised sessions, issues of womb loss and birth repair can be addressed with this medicine, please email me to discuss and find out more.

The sessions are 90 minutes in duration and $160. Each session consists of establishing a connection to your pelvic bowl, womb and ovaries and working with their wisdom while healing is channelled directly to you while we are on the call.

You will need a warm and comfortable space where you can lie down or at least recline, for some of that time and will not be disturbed for at least 90 minutes, though its lovely to allow yourself some extra time cushioning for soft integration afterwards and to journal and snack.

You can expect to experience some or all of the following

a connection to your womb and ovaries

 improvement of menstrual issues

 clearer boundaries

 warmth, comfort, relaxation 

clearing of old patterns

deeper sleep 

anxiety and stress reduced 

a remembering of your own sacredness and light

Please read the full description of HPC on the Holistic Pelvic Care page.

Sacred Pause

Sessions are currently on pause while I attend to my own healing following an accident in January. I look forward to holding space for this powerful work when I return. 

To be notified when sessions resume, email me at and add 

"session waitlist" in the subject heading.



These lovely words come from Katie, a recent client who received an online HPC session with me..

"I was so fortunate to have the honour of receiving a distance Holistic Pelvic Care session, a remote womb healing experience from Wendy Bennett. It was the evening before my birthday which felt like a powerful portal to do some healing.

I felt so comfortable, safe and held by Wendy. She has a way about her that feels deeply nurturing, and at the same time empowering. I felt that she had a clear sense of when to push me a little, and when to allow space to allow whatever needed to unfold.

Wendy supported me to recognise that my intention moving forward was to step into my Queen-dom. It felt really good to name that, even though it was also triggering for me to say.

We entered my womb space together, which was fascinating, and I literally redecorated the furnishings in there as they were old and outdated. It was actually really fun in parts. I experienced a strong empowerment as I was able to vision my womb a space fit for the Queen that I am stepping into in my life. I experienced strong sensations of pain literally flowing put through my womb and into the earth, leaving my body. I was able to sense old limiting stories literally making space for a new empowered self.

Wendy held the space beautifully. I feel that it takes a lot of trust to open in this way and do this work but it was easy for me to feel that trust with Wendy.

I have noticed since the healing that I feel more confident and clear with my words, and completely at ease with the choices that I make in my life and particularly as a mother.
I feel as though my inner feminine and masculine have both been strengthened and are working together in a way that supports me to walk in the world with confidence, authenticity and an open heart. I’ve noticed that my way has softened a little but that has come from a place of confidence and not needing to prove anything.

I would highly recommend Wendy’s work to anyone who is looking to heal old ingrained patterns of being and ready to step into a more empowered way of living."
Katie McNamara


For more general distance healing sessions visit my Distance Healing via Zoom page.

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