Holistic Pelvic Care

Distance Session via Zoom

Holistic Pelvic Care Distance sessions via Zoom offer an alternative option to in person HPC sessions. 

Please read the full description of HPC on the Holistic Pelvic Care page.


These HPC Distance sessions incorporate talk therapy and energy healing within a clear and sacred container. 

Utilising both my Holistic Pelvic Care and energy healing skills I create a connection which allows the healing to flow through me and to the client, no matter where they are located. 

Working with the client's specific intention, the healing is customised and channelled to them during the time of the session and we work together in connection with their body's wisdom.

Connection to, and communication with the womb and ovaries in Holistic Pelvic Care distance sessions offers potential for much healing and balancing.

The biggest difference to an in person Holistic Pelvic Care session obviously is there is no physical body work, however there is still powerful potential within these sessions.

*It is important to note that at no point in distance sessions will there be any energetic intravaginal work.  All energy work, connecting with the womb and ovaries is done from the abdomen.

The energetic work is powerful and deeply healing.

Healing occurs across all timelines and these sessions have the potential to offer healing to not only your present self but also to your younger self and the people in your lineage.

The sessions are 90 minutes

The healing is channelled directly to you while we are on the call.

You will need a warm and comfortable space where you can lie down for some of that time and will not be disturbed for at least 90 minutes, though its lovely to allow yourself some extra time for integration afterwards to journal and snack.

You can expect to experience some or all of the following

a connection to your womb and ovaries

 improvement of menstrual issues

 clearer boundaries

 warmth, comfort, relaxation 

deeper sleep 

anxiety and stress reduced 

a remembering of your own sacredness and light.


For more general distance healing sessions visit my Distance Healing via Zoom page.