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Holistic Pelvic CareTM was created by founder Tami Lynn Kent to offer a healing modality which blended her physical therapy background with energy work to bring physical, spiritual and emotional healing to the entire being, through focusing on the energetic flow of the pelvic bowl.  Wombs are containers which can store emotions and memories both one's own and that of others. Vaginal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor can hold tension which ultimately creates a weakness as would carrying a heavy load for a long time. This modality is designed to release both the physical and emotional clutter collected not only through this lifetime but also the outdated, unwanted family heirlooms of limitation and trauma imprints.  

Tami likens Holistic Pelvic Care to Feng Shui for the womb.

Holistic Pelvic Care works on the principle of balance. Utilising gentle fascial release through intravaginal/internal massage, balance and harmony can be attained and the body's own healing wisdom brought back into a natural state of ease and balance.

A wide variety of conditions can be brought into harmony and balance with this powerful healing modality.

It's all about BALANCE!

Holistic Pelvic Care brings balance to....

  •  womb presence and energy.

  •  ovarian function, guidance, awareness 

  • masculine and feminine energies.

  • maternal and paternal lineages.

  • releasing of old imprints and ancestral traumas.

  • embodiment of boundaries.

  • menstrual issues.

  • healing after termination.

  • pelvic congestion.

  • pre-pregnancy preparation.

  • (not suitable during pregnancy)

  • post natal care

  • ( 6 weeks post partum)

  • menopause; peri-menopause and post menopause.

  • womb grief and loss, miscarriage and birth loss.

  • the pelvic bowl.

  • the vaginal fascia.

  • the pelvic musculature/pelvic floor.

  • recovery in the pelvic bowl after abuse, trauma and sexual assault.

  • the energetic flow.

  • self boundaries.

  • sacredness of the womb, ovaries and yoni.

  • healthy flow of emotions.

  • after hysterectomy.

  • discernment of what to retain and what to release.

  • sexual sensation, expression and energy.

I conduct my sessions in the Dandenong Ranges and am available by appointment on Mondays,  Tuesdays and Wednesdays

(and selected Saturdays by special request).

Sessions are approximately 2 and a half hours and $275. Each session begins with intention setting, with the treatment being tailored to the individual clients needs with a personalised blend of Holistic Pelvic Care and my other energy medicine techniques . The session concludes with individual and shared integration time.

I offer a complimentary, no obligation 30 minute conversation to women (and gender diverse people, born with yoni and womb) who are interested in Holistic Pelvic Care and would like to find out more.

 Due to the nature of the intra-vaginal massage, Holistic Pelvic Care is powerful healing modality which requires a particular kind of readiness, vulnerability and trust. The conversation is the beginning of the creation of a safe container.

 In the conversation we will discuss intentions, health pictures and the flow of treatment. This conversation and its information assists those who are interested to make their decision in alignment with their truth and healing journey.To create a safe healing experience, this conversation is a pre-requisite to commencing Holistic Pelvic Care Treatment with me, I do not see any HPC clients without having this conversation, please book via link below.





Sacred Pause

Sessions are currently on pause while I attend to my own healing following an accident in January. I look forward to holding space for this powerful work when I return. 

To be notified when sessions resume, email me at and add 

"session waitlist" in the subject heading.



"I recommend Wendy as a skilled healer, I felt very safe in her hands. After receiving two Holistic Pelvic Care sessions, I was amazed at the difference in my pelvic floor and the vitality and sense of spaciousness I now feel in my whole pelvic bowl.

This work is truly holistic, I hope this can one day be available to all women."

Chaitanya Morly-Southall, Women's Yoga Teacher


"Wendy is known lovingly as a holder and creator of safe sacred space. And that’s what you can expect each and every time.

I had two Holistic Pelvic Care sessions where I journeyed through the cosmic birth field of all my pregnancies- those that went into full incarnated beings, and the one that didn’t.

To experience the sacred union of mother and baby in-utero again was powerful.

The supportive phrases that Wendy chose to share felt like she was mirroring and reflecting my inner silence in that moment.

She has a gift of channel, and the insights of “womb-an”. I recommend Wendy if you are wishing to explore your birthfield"

Helen Zee, Author, Speaker, Fertility & Relationship Coach

Wendy is an amazing teacher, guide and space holder who has immense integrity and sincerity for the work she does.

She has guided and shown me how to connect into my womb and release the pain of the past experiences that have held me back from stepping into my highest potential. 

I feel nurtured and supported to be able to let go, knowing I am safe and free from judgements. With her knowledge we have also been able to work with my ancestral lineage, clearing the past traumas that have occurred.

She is not only working with me, but with many multi layers of generational and ancestral pain that women have held for centuries.

Wendy creates a safe, secure and protected environment so I can feel safe and supported in my own healing. 

I trust and have so much love and respect for all of the work she does.

Thank you Wendy for being an anchor in my life for me to explore my pain and move forward into a brighter and safer space for me to live from.

Sue Wellwood, Massage Therapist


Tami Lynn Kent is also the author of three wonderful books, Wild Feminine, Wild Creative and Mothering From Your Centre.

Here I am with Tami at the completion of my Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner training.

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