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Intuitive Energy Healing 

Each session is a personal ceremony of healing, just for you.  Sacred space is created for your healing and before you get onto the table you are invited to share your story and intentions. 

I work with you to facilitate your own healing wisdom through a personalised combination of reiki, shamanic practice, sound healing, herbs and massage.  The session concludes with the anchoring your intention and healing to go forth in your new beginnings.

Healings are conducted fully dressed, please wear comfortable clothing.

Sessions are 90 minutes and $160 and are available to women and gender diverse people born with wombs. 

Sacred Pause

Sessions are currently on pause while I attend to my own healing following an accident in January. I look forward to holding space for this powerful work when I return. 

To be notified when sessions resume, email me at and add 

"session waitlist" in the subject heading.


My time with Wendy was a beautiful nurturing gift.

It is a feast for all the senses. Her colourful artwork on the walls, the luscious view over the garden, the cosy fire, the spicy scent of sage and a personally selected cup of tea that felt like a warm hug. All that before the treatment even started. From the moment I arrived, I felt peaceful and well looked after and by the time I left I felt as though I had sprouted wings. I can't thank Wendy enough for giving me the time and safe space to relax, contemplate and heal.      

 Libby P.

Having just completed a second session with Wendy, I can honestly say I have felt held and nurtured, in a place of safety. In both sessions I had a real sense that she was able to intuitively understand my needs and deliver the right touch to shift the blocks in my energy that I so needed. Her peaceful presence reassures me that I am being witnessed and supported through my process. She has a natural compassion towards this sometimes difficult journey. I can only say 'thank you' for assisting me to move forwards.

Helen Weinmann

Upon arrival to my healing with Wendy, I immediately felt comfortable, safe and welcomed in her presence. I was able to relax and soak up the energetic, nurturing healing magic and felt rejuvenated, clear and cleansed. I highly recommend to anyone who feels they need to reconnect back to themselves and feel empowered, to contact Wendy Bennett. Thank you.

Jacqueline Glen  

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