Distance Healing Via Zoom

Distance energy healing sessions via Zoom are an alternative healing option for the times when an in person session with me is not possible.


As a healer in service of the Feminine, in all its aspects, I am a channel of powerful source energy, available to you anywhere with internet, through distance energy healings via zoom.

Each session consists of discussion time with the client sharing their current situation, setting of the session intention, creation a sacred container for the energy healing which I offer through a variety of techniques. 

The distance energy healing delivers you a strong customised and channelled connection to your own inner healing resources, to the earth and "that which is greater than us all". The session concludes with integration and completion of the healing process.

Each session is a ceremony tailored and dedicated to your healing intention.

Distance Healing sessions via Zoom

what to expect


  •  Each  session is 90 minutes

  • Time dedicated to discuss your issue in which you are heard and seen, a balm in itself

  • The healing is channelled for you and to you while we are on the call together.

  • An interactive exploration and discussion of what you notice and find

  • You will lie down to receive the healing during the call

  • Increased energy and clarity

  • Strengthening of personal boundaries

  • Increased self love and heart energy

  • Increased hope and purpose

  • An inner radiance

  • improved sleep

  • reduction of stress

  • reduction of physical symptoms 

  •  remember who you are

  • reclaim your sacredness

  • Connection to source energy

Each session is an opportunity for you to be fully seen, held and heard. I utilise somatic techniques, shamanic practices and energy healing specifically channelled for your intention.

Your intentions can be emotional and physical or more generalised.

For distance healing specific to your connection to your womb, ovaries and yoni please visit my Holistic Pelvic Care Distance healing page


These sessions are a stand alone experience, yet can also be a powerful support in between in person body work sessions and can also be explored as an introduction to working with me more deeply.


90 minutes in a warm and comfortable space

where you will not be disturbed

An open mind

reliable internet connection

Zoom app or download on your device

space in your day to integrate afterwards

For distance healing specific to your connection to your womb, ovaries, menstrual, pelvic and sexual health please visit my

Holistic Pelvic Care Distance healing page


 I have seen Wendy a number of times for Holistic Pelvic Care in person and have felt so nurtured and held in a space of honour, trust and integrity which has allowed me to look deeper into the pain I have held in my womb from ancestral lineage, my own belief system and choices I have made in this lifetime. 

During the time of Covid lockdown I was not able to have my monthly session so I decided to try a Distance Intuitive Energy Healing session with Wendy as I wanted to keep clearing some old patterning that was coming up for me. 

Wendy guided me to speak about what I wanted to work with,  and I was able to explore like I had done with Wendy in person. When it came time to do the Distance Intuitive Energy Healing I felt safe and very comfortable in my own home and allowed myself to receive.

I am very sensitive to energy and was able to feel a drawing of energies leave my womb and a warmth come over me of peace and love. 

Thank you Wendy so much, you are a beacon of light that shines bright for me to see and feel safely held to work with my pain-body, which then allows deep healing and letting go to occur.

Sue Wellwood

© Wendy Bennett 2015