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I am a menstrual artist and holder of sacred space in service of the healing of the feminine. 

Through my menstrual art, I create beauty to transmute the shame of menstruation and reclaim its power. In Holistic Pelvic Care, Yoni Massage and healing sessions, I hold space to midwife women, and gender diverse womb and yoni carriers, to walk beside them as they step into the light of their own sovereignty and the sacredness of their body, reclaiming the long suppressed power of their sensual nature,  their cycles and life giving blood.


Thousands of years of patriarchal devaluing and derision of the feminine have rendered menstruation and our vulvas taboo. 

Women have carried this burden of shame for countless generations. This shame is so instilled into society that many women don't even know why they feel it, or of its origins, only that it is there.


In the moments that we use euphemisms for our bleeding, in the moments we speak of our bleeding in hushed tones around men, in the moments when there is embarrassment about currently bleeding, about leaking, about buying "sanitary" products, we continue to carry the weight of this shame.


Our blood is a most powerful force of creation. Without it, not one of us would be alive. In matrifocal societies, menstrual blood was revered for its power with many of the indigenous male initiation rites created to mimic our "bleeding without a wound". The liminal space of visioning and wisdom which those menstruating are able to access when their bleeding is supported and honoured, was once the wisdom tribal communities were guided by. 


  Honouring the power of our blood and our power as embodied vessels of creative potential, whether we bear children or not, is the sacred purpose of my menstrual blood paintings. I work with imagery inspired by the female reproductive system, both external and internal to honour the beauty and diversity of woman.


Some people, particularly women, have found my imagery and use of blood confronting.  I welcome this and invite the viewer to enquire into why this occurs for them and ways that they can re-member the sacredness of their wombyn body.    


Painting with my menstrual blood is a process of complete surrender. These paintings come through me. Each time I begin making art, I create sacred space by honouring the directions and I offer myself to the Goddess as a vessel, a channel for Her to create through. An important preparation in my opening to surrender is to release the wish to control the outcome and particularly to release any fears and the voice of the inner critic.

A typical internal conversation of inner critic releasing involves countering the statements.."It’s been done before" says the inner critic "It may have been done before, but not by ME!" I reply.

It is a healing experience, with repeated conscious releasing, the inner critic has less to say and its opinions are no longer of interest to me. 


Creating art with my menstrual blood began as a journey into the unknown, it was like walking down a darkened, unfamiliar path towards something very powerful, carrying with me only trust, surrender and curiosity. I had no idea if it would work, only the knowledge that I had to do it. 


  The first question I am often asked is how I 'get' my blood, I collect my blood with a Moon Cup. When I first began painting with my blood the experience of surrender was all the greater as I painted only when I was bleeding, I painted as I made it and I used every drop. The unknowns of the timing of my bleeding, available time to paint and varying quantities of blood made for an exhilarating and exciting creative process with surrender as the core around which I danced.


While surrender is still at the centre of my art making, I have discovered I can successfully refrigerate my blood for when I am able to paint, allowing me to create when in my flow, at any time of the month.

My works are 3D paintings on canvas, moulded with a lightweight modelling material, painted with my menstrual blood which I mix with a variety of painting mediums to create a palette of effects.


 This work is as much for the healing of all women as it is a visual expression of my journey of reclaiming my own body, empowerment authenticity and sovereignty.


My purpose is to illuminate the sacredness, beauty and power of the female body, so those blessed to be born within one may inhabit their earthly vessel with reverence, empowerment and sovereignty.

I acknowledge not all those who menstruate identify as women.

I honour the brave journey of gender diverse womb and yoni carriers as they walk their path of authenticity and also I honour the journey of menstruators who do identify as women.

I use both terms here.

I began painting with my menstrual blood in 2014, in the time since I have been delighted to witness an increasing critical mass of collective and global menstrual awareness, discussion and empowerment.


I am a mother, a holder of sacred space for womens circles, sacred yoni massage, Holistic Pelvic care, energy healings, a menstrual activist and menstrual artist.

 My 1:1 bodywork sessions now form the majority of my service to the healing of the feminine. I was strongly guided to this work, by my womb! You can read about each offering on the other pages here on my website.

I am Passionate about creating safe, sacred spaces of healing for womb carriers and yoni owners to reclaim their body as sacred.

 All my offerings, from  bodywork sessions, to circles and healings, menstrual art and cacao magic are created with reverence and gratitude, in sacred ceremony.


I honour and acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging of the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nation, the original custodians of the land where I live amongst the lush temperate rain forest in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, Australia.


Born Melbourne



1998 duo show Eckersley's gallery Melbourne

2008 Solo show "The Sacred Circle" Kallista,Vic


2014 Intermission group show, Belgrave,Vic

2015 "Reclaiming our Sacred Blood" Menstrual art. Solo Show,

Brunswick Street Gallery,Fitzroy


2016 finalist SHE competition


Numerous small group shows 


Selected works in private collections


Yoni massage practitioner
Holistic Pelvic CareTM practitioner
Reiki 1 
Reiki 2
Shamanic practice
Soul retrieval
Red Tent Facilitator
Aura Chi healing
Permaculture Design Certificate
Bachelor of Art (Fine Art)
Diploma of Education

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