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Welcome to Womb of Creativity.

My sacred calling in life has taken many forms of expression. I have been a holder of sacred space for women's circles, Yoni Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care and intuitive healings. I am a menstrual artist, menstrual activist and mother.

The many branches of my life share the same roots of service to the sovereignty, empowerment and healing of the Feminine.

I have been passionate about creating safe, nurturing experiences, in one on one sessions, healings and circles for women and AFAB people to fully inhabit their body with power, to re-illuminate their own soul's path and walk it with authenticity and sovereignty.



A huge thank you to my past clients and circle atendees. This work has meant the world to me and I am so deeply grateful to all the lovely souls I have held space for. I am no longer holding space for sessions or circles due to illness and injury. I am currently deep in the mystery and the path is yet to reveal itself.



46 pages of practical explorations and womb wisdom to connect to your power centre, love your cycles and love your body.

Delivered as a downloadable PDF, you will receive an email link when you enter your details below as my gift to you.

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Living A Womb Centred Life

Ripeness. Wendy Bennett 2015 Menstrual Art.
Wendy Bennett, menstrual artist and holder of sacred space.
The Show Girl. Wendy Bennett. 2015. Menstrual Art.
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